Restoring Hope

Helping existing foster families and case workers meet documentation requirements and manage respite schedules.

The Challenge

Existing foster families and case workers are overloaded with paperwork and other documentation requirements and can easily get behind in their daily logs.  There is a great need for secure, auditable documentation for foster children that is easy to maintain in the moment and easy to share among approved persons involved in the child’s case. These records impact decisions on the child’s placement and can greatly affect the child’s future quality of life.

The Solution

Roots Restored seeks to create a web-based tool that is accessible via mobile devices and computers alike that facilitates proper communication and encourages proper documentation. This tool needs to be HIPAA compliant and respect other regulatory requirements surrounding foster and adoptive cases.

Document. Document. Document.

Documentation on foster children is frequently used by the court system to make decisions about the child’s placement and other needs. Many times foster parents can get behind on this documentation because pen and paper are not found in all situations. By making the documentation process convenient, the likelihood of getting complete reports is increased.

Site Management for the Non-Technical

Maintaining an organization’s website is no longer a tedious task, reserved for a technical person. With a WordPress foundation, adding site content and making design changes are simple. Roots Restored will handle the initial setup of the organization’s site and provide as much (or little) training as necessary to allow the site to be managed by the organization itself.

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