Removing Barriers

Helping interested individuals get involved with and apply to foster and adoptive organizations.

The Challenge

Existing foster and adoptive organizations each require numerous, different forms to be filled out before interested individuals can get involved. The same information is repeated multiple times throughout each application due to the multitude of agencies requiring their own formatted application. Each year, foster and adoptive families must fill out a reassessment package and fill out many of the same forms again to retain their status.

The Solution

Roots Restored has partnered with DocuSign and is in the process of developing a master database to store applicant information and application requirements. Once completed, an interested individual/family can input their profile one time, and apply to any of the participating organization programs in one click. DocuSign will take the information from the profile and pre-fill the application package. The applicant will then digitally review and sign the form. Once submitted, DocuSign will route the application to the correct organization representative. When it is time for re-assessment, the applicant can return to their profile and update any necessary fields. The reassessment forms will be pre-filled and DocuSign will guide the submission process. If an applicant chooses to get involved with multiple organizations, the profile information can be used across any number of applications.

Rinse & Repeat No More

Filling out stacks of paper asking repetitive questions is an arduous task. At Roots Restored, we believe that applying to help vulnerable children should not be hampered by the application and approval process. By digitizing and storing information in a database, we enable applications to be generated in any format, per any approved organization’s requirements.

Go Green & Get Lean

By digitizing forms, we use less paper, less storage space, less ink, less time, and we gain the ability to reuse information without any additional effort. By using a service like DocuSign, we gain the ability to legally sign documents online and automate the approval routing process. Each organization has different forms and different processes, but by separating out the data from the format of the forms, we minimize the information the applicant has to fill out, minimize human entry errors, and spend more time doing meaningful work instead of pushing paper. Having DocuSign handle the document routing is like having your own secretary.

Reassessment Triggers

Sometimes families and homes change and each year, a reassessment is required for the home to stay open. When an applicant changes their profile in ways that the organizations they have applied to have indicated trigger a reassessment, or when the reassessment deadline is approaching, notification is automatically sent to the family and the worker. If the applicant decides to go through the reassessment, the application package is updated with the new information in one click and the application is resubmitted digitally just like the original one.

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