Raising Awareness

Helping existing foster and adoptive organizations develop a professional web presence, email, and other technical resources.

The Challenge

Existing foster and adoptive organizations lack expertise and resources for developing a web presence, setting up domain-based email, and solving other technical problems. This limits the organization’s exposure in the local community.

The Solution

Roots Restored connects organizations with website hosting, website development, email setup, and other resources as needed and provides necessary technical training to empower the organization to “own” their site’s look, feel, and content.

Design For The Real World

Moving organizations from no online presence or an outdated site to a current design that is built for mobile and traditional web browsers makes the organization much more accessible. Linking the website to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets raises the “shareability” factor and gives the organization a much wider audience with minimal additional effort.

Site Management for the Non-Technical

Maintaining an organization’s website is no longer a tedious task, reserved for a technical person. With a WordPress foundation, adding site content and making design changes are simple. Roots Restored will handle the initial setup of the organization’s site and provide as much (or little) training as necessary to allow the site to be managed by the organization itself.

Domain-based Email

Communicating with your audience from a gmail, yahoo, aol, or other generic email provider pales in comparison with having a domain-based email accounts for your organization, such as yourname@yoursite.org. Adding this feature to your communication strategy adds a sense of professionalism and legitimacy to your organization. 


Need your organization to have a domain registered? We can do that. Want to revamp your existing site? We can do that too.


Want your email to match your domain name? We can do that too.


Want to share a calendar among your group and don’t know how? We can set that up for you.

Other Stuff

Dreaming up other projects? We’re interested in hearing about it. If we can’t help, we are happy to suggest others who can.

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