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Things Worth Writing Down

Automating Your Foster Child Record Keeping

All that paperwork can be an absolute drag. I mentally tell myself I flat refuse to fill it out if it takes me more effort than it should (and then I fill it out). I don’t like ridiculousness. However, I also respect the rules/requests I get from my caseworker(s). So, compromise. Make technology do as much of […]

Home Networking Basic Controls

Take your child’s cell phone at night and charge it in your bedroom. This ensures it is fully charged the next day, and it prevents them from making phone calls, texting, or using the cellular connection to bypass wifi restrictions. Run two different wifi networks, one for the adults and one for the child(ren). Many […]

Financial Safety

Use a small town bank where you have a relationship with the people at the bank instead of having a 1-800 number to call in to for help. This maximizes the ability for the bank to watch out for you and minimizes the ability to have constant 24×7 access to the bank and usually smaller […]

House Rules

These house rules were adapted from Karen Purvis’ rules at “Camp”, and tweaked for a teenager within a year of aging out of the system. If they are helpful for anyone else, please feel free to take what you want and leave the rest. I provided them to my kiddo in writing, and when they […]